Monday, November 10, 2008

The refugee

Road that is walked under the sun that burns
The enemy follows his steps
in the hunt for that victim
who for the world is just one more.
A number on ever ending statistics
of absurd wars,
conflicts where the children loose the parents
and the mothers observe with impotence
their children being ripped from their hands
and thus he goes with head down
dragging the feet
with what little he has left on the shoulders.
How much has been lost:
The peace, the history, the ancestry,
the roots that are torn
to survive
And hopes for the world’s charity
which arrives by drops
Life that lives suspended
in a tent far away from home.
Time that stops
waiting to find the other,
that whom has been lost
and whom he never gets tired of waiting
and among all the sweat, the tears
death, the blood that is wasted
in fields that no one sows anymore
between all, he dreams with the eternal smile,
the divine voice that brings back in the wind
the sweet smell of the familiar.

Camino que se anda bajo el sol que abrasa
El enemigo sigue sus pasos
a la caza de esa víctima
que para el mundo sólo una más
Un número en estadísticas interminables
de guerras absurdas
Conflictos en los que niños pierden a los padres
y madres miran con impotencia
como les arrancan los pequeños de las manos
Asi va con la cabeza baja
arrastrando los pies
con lo poco que le queda a cuestas.
Cuanto se ha perdido:
La paz, la historia, los ancestros,
las raices que se arrancan
para sobrevivir
Y espera la caridad del mundo
que llega a cuenta gotas
Vida que se vive suspendida
en una tienda de campaña lejos del hogar
tiempo que se detiene
esperando encontrar al otro,
a ese que se ha perdido
y al que nunca se cansa de esperar
Y entre todo el sudor, las lágrimas,
La muerte, la sangre que se pierde
en campos que ya nadie cultiva
entre todo sueña con la sonrisa eterna
la voz divina que le traiga de regreso en el viento
el olor dulce de lo familiar.

There are millions of refugees around the world, the suffering on the refugee camps is truly beyond our understanding.
There is never enough funds or hands. For more information on the gravity of the refugee situation, and how to help check out the following links.

Caritas Internationalis

CRS, Catholic Relief Services

Red Cross/Red Crescent

Doctors without Borders

United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees

Human Rights Watch,2

Refugees international

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